Review: Friedrich, Patricia (Ed.) (2023).The anti-racism linguist, a book of readings. Multilingual Matters.


  • Emilia Gracia Arizona State University



Anti-racism, Applied linguistics, Pedagogy


This text is a review of The Anti-Racism Linguist: A Book of Readings, edited by Patricia Friedrich and published in 2023 by Multilingual Matters. The volume features nine distinct chapters written by authors from Brazil, Thailand, Japan, and the United States who, via personal narratives, share their experiences with (anti)racism in teaching, research, and publishing in applied linguistics and other related fields. The authors explain key terminology, concepts, and theories needed to understand and discuss anti-racism in language use. Authors also provide recommendations for change in editorial, research, and pedagogical practices that readers could implement to help counter racism in their contexts.


Author Biography

Emilia Gracia, Arizona State University

Emilia Gracia is a Ph.D. candidate in linguistics and applied linguistics at Arizona State University. She is also an instructional professional at ASU Global Launch, where she teaches English to international students, trains international teachers, and designs online language courses. Her research interests include second language pragmatics, computer-assisted language learning, critical pedagogy, and raciolinguistics.


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Gracia, E. (2023). Review: Friedrich, Patricia (Ed.) (2023).The anti-racism linguist, a book of readings. Multilingual Matters. EuroAmerican Journal of Applied Linguistics and Languages, 10(1), 63–68.



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