Apprendimento, insegnamento e uso di competenze pragmatiche in italiano L2/LS: la ricerca a partire dagli anni Duemila






The attention paid to pragmatics in the teaching and learning of Italian as a second language is a recent phenomenon. This young but lively area of research has inspired the present special issue of E-JournALL. This introductory essay offers a survey of studies since year 2000 that have dealt with the learning, teaching, and use of Italian as an L2/FL in relation to pragmatic phenomena, with special attention to the two sub-fields that have received the greatest attention: the realization of linguistic acts, and useful discourse markers for the management of textuality and interaction. This is followed by a brief recognition of research that tackles other topics related to the pragmatics of L2 Italian, for example the information structure of utterances, or the mechanisms that regulate conversation. The conclusion of this overview will demonstrate how the papers brought together in this issue fit into and simultaneously contribute to the expansion of research on Italian L2/FL pragmatics.

Author Biographies

Elena Nuzzo, Università degli studi Roma Tre

Elena Nuzzo is associate professor of Modern Languages at the Università Roma Tre, where she teaches and researches in the fields of second language acquisition and teaching with a focus on Italian as a second language. Her main research interests include practical applications of speech acts theories to second language learning and the relationship between language acquisition and teaching. Her goal is to identify those instructional interventions that can respect the natural path of linguistic development while also being successfully implemented in the language classroom.

Elisabetta Santoro, Universidade de São Paulo

Elisabetta Santoro is professor at the Universidade de São Paulo (USP, Brazil) where she has taught since 2003 in the Italian Language and Literature program. She teaches and coordinates courses both at the graduate and postgraduate level (Programa de Pós-Graduação em Língua, Literatura e Cultura Italianas). Her main research interests are crosscultural pragmatics and interlinguistics. Specifically, she investigates the relationship between Italian and Brazilian speakers, and teaching and learning of Italian. Those topics are also the focus of a research group that she coordinates: the researchers not only deal with data from Italian and Brazilian Portuguese, but also from European Portuguese, different varieties of Spanish, and German.



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Nuzzo, E., & Santoro, E. (2017). Apprendimento, insegnamento e uso di competenze pragmatiche in italiano L2/LS: la ricerca a partire dagli anni Duemila. EuroAmerican Journal of Applied Linguistics and Languages, 4(2), 1–27.



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