Caratteristiche e implicazioni di una glottodidattica mobile. Un possibile quadro teorico-metodologico di riferimento






This study aims to provide further reflections on the potential of using Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL) in remote language teaching. MALL integrates the use of mobile devices into the language teaching process (Bezircilioğlu, 2016), fostering students’ motivation as they use familiar tools to process new knowledge. Given the “anytime-anywhere” principle (Kukulska- Hulme & Shield, 2008), students can interact with each other and with their teacher, from different places while also consulting resources in asynchronous mode (Chuang, 2016). Starting from the definition of MALL, we question this approach in terms of its benefits and limitations, including its implications for language teaching. The answers to these questions become part of a theoretical-methodological context dedicated to the development of a standardized mobile language teaching, in which examples of useful class activities in a remote language learning course can be found.

Author Biography

Diana Peppoloni, Università degli Studi di Perugia

Diana Peppoloni, a computational linguist, works mainly in the field of corpus linguistics and second language acquisition, with a focus on language technologies and multimodality in the language class. Her interdisciplinary research ranges from the elaboration of multimodal and spoken corpora for the analysis of teacher-student interaction, to the development of computational tools for the investigation of aspects relevant to language education, such as acquisition and the use of phraseological elements typical of the target language, such as collocations. The author then worked on identifying experimental compensatory strategies to promote language acquisition in dyslexic subjects. Furthermore, she investigated the role of metalinguistic reflection in the acquisitional process as well as the characteristics of the metalanguage in linguistic disciplines. Combining her interdisciplinary interests, she has contributed to developing inter- university research projects at national level in the language teaching field. The author is currently a researcher in Didactics of Modern Languages at the University of Perugia.



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Peppoloni, D. (2021). Caratteristiche e implicazioni di una glottodidattica mobile. Un possibile quadro teorico-metodologico di riferimento. EuroAmerican Journal of Applied Linguistics and Languages, 8(2), 125–141.



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